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A Greener Dolce

Dolce Chantilly feels concerned by environmental problems and decided to act at different levels in order to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. The Dolce Chantilly team considers it very important to work in a respectful environment. "We are working with a green committee of motivated employees from different departments working together to reduce the carbon footprint of the hotel." said Olivier Bigot, General Manager of Dolce Chantilly.

Specifically, what are the environmental initiatives at Dolce Chantilly?

A green committee works to propose and implement green initiatives in the hotel;
Participation Hotel staff in programs and local events related to the environment;
Specially trained staff to reduce waste, for example, printed in duplex mode or a smaller paper that recycles properly, etc ...
A comprehensive recycling program.

What is our purchasing policy? :

In general, the policy of Dolce Chantilly purchases is as follows:

Furniture made from environmentally friendly products, wood from sustainable forests;
A recycled paper and ink cartridges;
Energy efficient appliances (Energy Star);
The use of compact fluorescent lamps when possible;
The use of non-toxic paint, low emission;
Carpets and wallpaper made from sustainable materials and / or recyclable;
Buying wholesale food products (eg, sugar, butter, cream, jam, jelly, soft drinks, etc.).

Regarding the rooms and suites, this includes:

The key card readers that automatically turn off lights when guests leave their rooms;
The option left to the customer not to change his bed sheets and bath linens;
The use of glass and porcelain for coffee and coffee set.

What steps Dolce Chantilly to conserve energy in the hotel?

Heating control and the air conditioning in unoccupied areas and bedrooms;
The replacement of traditional light bulbs with LED and installing motion detectors in the hallways.
Change filters, coil cleaning, calibrating thermostats and control valves as preventive maintenance;
Spreading the equipment start times to reduce demand during peak hours;
Group transportation for the same flight hours / airports;
The division of the production of hot water with cold water;
Ecological removal of oils and fats.

What are our certificates?

Through our efforts in terms of energy conservation and reduction of carbon footprint, Dolce Chantilly won the silver medal Green Star IACC (International Association of Conference Centres) in 2011!