Team Building

Build Something Special

Every team has a personality. Dolce Chantilly’s assortment of team-building activities can help you foster cohesion. Whether you’re going out on the town or racing against each other, our activities allow you to help your team relate on their terms.

Team Building Brochure

  • Bolster skill sets
  • Increase motivation
  • Make memories 
  • Encourage creativity
  • Grow professionally
  • Improve productivity


  • curling

    Curling, a winter sport olympic game

    Winter teambuilding

    Dolce Chantilly becomes a winter sports destination with the installation of a curling track on its property. 2 hours of sport during which 2 teams of 4 players, or more, compete to reach the target in the middle of the pitch, before
    enjoying special winter beverages.

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  • three ladies talking and holding white wine glasses


    Cultural Nights

    Explore the Château de Chantilly, view an equestrian show at the Grand Stables, and uncover France’s rich history.

    Evening Activities

    Stay in for a night of fun—music, games, and shows are available before, during, and after dinner.

    Gala Evening

    Live like a lord. Savor a gala-style dinner at either the Château de Chantilly or the Great Stables.

    Around Chantilly

    Stoke your sense of wonder, and settle in for an elegant dinner at Royaumont Abbey or Château de Pontarmé.

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  • group of four men in canoe on the water

    Daily Activities

    Dragon Boat & Races

    Take to the Grand Canal designed by le Nôtre in the garden of Chantilly domain, and pit your dragon boat crew against the clock—and others in this exciting race.

    Treasure Hunt

    Spend the day as one of the King’s Musketeers, and work together to forage for riches in the countryside.

    Trail of Discovery

    Embark on a treasure hunt, guided by local experts, and discover the beauty of the Hauts-de-France region.